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10 Days Desert Yoga Retreat in Rajasthan, India
10-дневный-пустынно- йога тур -в-Раджастан Индии Шри Jasnath Асан пустыне Йога Retreat в программе Индии Шри Jasnath Асан является 500-летний ашрам на краю пустыни Тар передавались через линии Хатха от одного гуру к другому. Занятия йогой проходят с понедельника по субботу в 6:30 утра до 8 утра с другой расслабляющей сессии вечером перед обедом. ..
714 €
30 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India
30 дней-200-часовой-йога-подготовки учителей-в-индо-1 Шри Jasnath Асан 200hr Йога подготовки учителей в Индии программы Ежедневное расписание, понедельник - суббота 5:30 Взлет и чай 06:00 методы йоги (APMB) 08:00 Завтрак 8:30 Карма Йога Лекция 1 9:30: образ жизни, принципы, философия ..
1472 €
6 Days Yoga Art Retreat in Rajasthan, India
6-дневный-йога-арт тур в-Раджастан-Индия Йог садхне India Art и Программа Retreat Йога Йог садхне Индия посвящена сохранению и для обучения студентов на международном уровне с подлинной древней индийской йогической образования, которое было передано вместе нам риши и йогам прошлого. Они с гордостью хотим сохранить свою целостность, и передать свои традици..
615 €
7 Days Rejuvenate with Yoga Retreat in Rajasthan, India
7 дней-омолодить-с-йога-ретрит-в-Раджастане-индийское программы Йога Retreat Йог садхне Индия Йог садхне Индия стремится предлагать лучшее качество инструкции йоги в вдохновляющей и вдохновляющей обстановке, так что вы знаете, вы будете иметь время жизни обучения и незабываемые впечатления. Независимо от того, являетесь ли вы абсолютный новичок или практи..
615 €
Amritam Yoga
Amritam Yoga Studio brings you integrated, holistic Yoga Studio in a serene, homely and ashram like atmosphere. The yoga studio offer you a moment in time to enter a sublime space where you can explore, rejuvenate and heal mind, body and soul.           The yoga studio gives you the opportunity to have your own personalized yoga menu that suits y..
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Ashtang Yoga Ashram
Ashtang Yoga Ashram is teaching the art of Yoga since 1982 & following the ancient Indian Traditional method according to the yogsutras of Maharishi Patanjali which emphasis that yoga is percept, discipline and rule-bound method and evolves eight stages/limbs of the path of Self- Realisation.           The founder and director of Ashtang Yoga..
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Being Inner Silence
  The “Being Inner Silence” is a group of spiritual beings devoted for peace on earth. We believe that peace can be achieved by developing the power of the human body, mind and soul. By feeling the unconditional love for ourselves this is what most of us are seeking in life.                     ..
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Bhaskar Yoga and Wellness
Bhaskar Yoga used holistic Ancient Techniques, designed to stimulate the flow of energy known as chakras. It utilizes all forms and types, from the postures of Hatha, to breathing practices of pranayama to mantra and meditation in a systematic self study, leading to an in-depth understanding of Mind over Matter. It goes from the holistic health practices to the mystical and sacred. Because mind..
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Big Apple Fitness Studio
Bitte fügen Sie alle Details über Ihre Zentrum: - Seine Philosophie, die Atmosphäre und Umgebung - Die Yoga Ihnen beibringen, und wie Sie es tun, - Welche Kurse / Klassen, die Sie anbieten (Zeitplan, Gebühren) - Etwas interessanter zu machen Besucher mit Ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen         Big Apple Fitness Studio     &nb..
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Dynamic Yoga Studio
Dynamic Yoga Studio, A Yoga Studio located at the heart of the City of Lakes, Udaipur (Raj.), India. For the past 7 years many have benifited from doing Yoga and Meditation in the safe and relaxing environment of the studio.       Dynamic Yoga Studio           ShareTweet     Center Details ..
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Gurukul Yoga Sansthan
It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, overweight, underweight, just-the-right-weight, tall or short. Yoga is for everyone. Come and try it. Yoga is all about going at your own pace, knowing your own limits, and no matter what posture you do, don’t get to the point of being in pain. One great thing about Yoga is it’s not a competition. We get to direct our attention on ourselves and turn tha..
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Jaipur Yoga Studio
MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WORKSHOP SESSIONS           - On routine intervals we conduct special workshops in group of minimun 2.       - Duration of each workshop is 1 hour.       - We usually conduct workshops in morning sessions.       - Venue for work..
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Kaivalyadhama Jaipur
Kaivalyadhama, Jaipur           Yogic Health Centre; a place to assemble for the holistic wellbeing through Ashtang Yog. People can come and participate in regular Yoga classes conducted by a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced Yoga teachers. Therapeutic methods of Ashtang Yog shall also be a part of practice for specific cases. Institut..
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Prakratik Chikitsalya
Prakratik Chikitsalya is devoted to our age–old Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, with holistic approach of health care.           Yoga offered:       - Meditation       - Pranayam       - Asnath (All type of aasan's & kriya's)    ..
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Pushkar Meditation Temple
Pushkar Meditation Temple reflects the vision of Swamiji Kapri, an internationally acclaimed yoga + meditation teacher, committed to re-establishing yoga as a spiritual discipline.           Pushkar Meditation Temple is a Yoga Alliance, USA registered school. The teachings are based on the ancient Raja/Ashtanga yoga of sage Patanjali. Hatha/Kunda..
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